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Silbak Plowing & Landscaping has been providing exceptional landscaping & plowing services to the Buffalo, NY community for the past 5 years. We take pride in our work whether its retaining walls, general landscaping, lawn care or snow removal. The landscaping project gets done right and we will make sure you are happy with the results.

If It Makes You Happy, We Are Happy!

Throughout our existence we pride ourselves on being a unique landscaping company that always provides quality customer service. We only hire the most efficient, hardworking, professional & highly skilled employees that Buffalo can offer. We are prompt, punctual, & provide great customer service for your past, present, and future landscaping projects.

Company History

Man holding a tree for future planting
Founding Year
areas of service
Western New York
Quality compass
Why us over the rest?
Quality, customer service, and  attention to detail are just a few reasons you should pick us for your lawn maintenance.  Mike (CEO / President) is a real estate agent which helps him understand value of curb appeal. By understanding this, we can identify the key features & projects that will add value to your home, whether you intend on selling or just to increase your homes value. No matter what the reason our landscaping services will help boost your homes aesthetic feel.

Company Equipment

Fisher Plows
Fisher Plows is dedicated to high quality products for all snow removal projects. Fisher Plows takes pride in being a part of the Douglas Dynamic which is a premier manufacturer in North America for commercial snow removal vehicle attachments and snow plowing equipment.
Western Plows
Western Plows provides exceptional snow plowing equipment. They are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this means they understand the importance of snow removal. They are a leading manufacturer of all snow & ice control products. They have products for both residential and commercial plowing so we can guarantee you’re in good hands.
SnowEx is a leading snow removal equipment provider that has been in business since 1997. They’ve been through enough snow plowing seasons to know what is the best solution for any snow removal project. Their innovations have made all of their snow plows, spreaders, and de-icing  extremely dependable. Their product line is extensive so we are prepared for anything snow related.
There isn't any other salt spreading product lines that we would trust more than SaltDogg. This product line is designed with the need for reliable snow removal equipment in mind. They understand what makes a great product for snow & ice operations. Buyers Product Company stands behind their snow removal products which helps us stand behind our work.
Wright Manufacturing
Wright Manufacturing is dedicated to safety & durability which results in the highest quality landscaping & lawn care equipment around. They have been in business for over 30 years which means their equipment is ready for the most intricate landscaping projects you can dream up.
Scag Power Equipment
Scag Power Equipment considers themselves “simply the best” and we cant agree more. Their mowers are capable of handling any commercial or residential landscaping project. They have over 50 models of mowing equipment which means they are one of the largest manufacturers of commercial mowing equipment.
Stihl’s lawn maintenance product line is in-depth. They provide every type of lawn care equipment for any landscaping job. From hedge trimming, spraying, edging, and using a chainsaw we have all the equipment necessary for a spectacular landscaping design. We depend on Stihl for all of our landscaping projects so you can depend on us.
Echo is one of the oldest lawn care manufacturers in the landscaping industry. With over 40 years of design they are truly professional grade. We trust their equipment because of its trustworthiness. This means we can get your landscaping project done faster and more efficiently.

Our Team

Silbak Plowing & Landscaping has a small but professional team that can take on any landscaping need.
 We have years of experience that helps guarantee our work is done right the first time.
Michael Silbak Owner of Silbak Plowing & Landscaping

Michael Silbak

CEO / President
6+ years of landscaping & plowing
Silbak Plowing & Landscaping originally started as a snow plowing company. After the first year of business Michael came to the realization that there was a high demand for exceptional landscaping throughout Buffalo, NY. The following year he decided to jump right in & started with general lawn care & lawn maintenance. Throughout the years he has grown from just doing residential landscaping to now serving commercial landscaping as well. With the large growth he quickly realized the most challenging part was devolving a crew who is just as passionate as he was about lawn care. Now Silbak Plowing & Landscaping provides lawn maintenance to about 80% residential & 20% commercial.

Throughout the years Silbak Plowing & landscaping has continued to grow & looks forward to being your one stop shop of all your outdoor needs.
Silbak Plowing & Landscaping Puppy Named Tucker


Chief Treat Officer
Age : 
Hard to keep track in dog years
Skills : 
Sit, stay, shake, spin, eat snow & grass
Hobbies : 
Playing in the snow & helping dad dig holes
Details : 
Rescue puppy, enjoys long walks downtown & his days off. King of comfort.

Our Awards

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