Many Buffalo, NY based lawn care and plowing companies are long on promises but short on delivery. At Silbak Plowing and Landscaping we pride ourselves in providing you the best possible service and reliability you could ask for. Our experience over the years has made us a top performer in all of Western New York.

Sick of sweating in the hot sun to get the yard cut and ruining another pair of shoes with grass stains? Tired of waking up early to snow blow and shovel? Whether you need your house, rental property, business or apartment serviced, Our experts are here to help get the job done. Our experience and knowledge will set us apart from the competition. We only hire the most efficient, hardworking, professional and skilled employees in Buffalo, New York and its surrounding areas.
mowing the lawn. A perspective of green grass cut strip. Selective focus
Buffalo, NY 
Does your home or business need the best possible lawn care? Maybe you have a big landscape project that no other company around is willing to take on. Our experience and personal care will have your property in pristine shape. Silbak Plowing and Landscaping delivers outstanding customer service while saying on time and within your budget to complete the job. Make sure you call us this season!
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snow covered car after blizzard with snow removed driveway by snow blower
Buffalo, NY 
Snow Plowing
Is your current plowing service leaving it up to you to make sure you get to work on time after a heavy snow fall? If so, Silbak Plowing & Landscaping is the answer. When it comes to commercial & residential plowing, our insight paired with our experience puts us way ahead of the competition. Time and time again our efficiency and experience has made us a top performer to keep your driveway & business lot plowed and maintained throughout the winter season.

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