Snow Plow Services

Snow plow & snow removal services are necessary to help keep your property safe and easier to navigate during the winter months. Even if you have your own snow plow or snow blower, we will take care of your snow plowing needs if you are too busy. Silbak Plowing & Landscaping team members go above and beyond to keep your home or commercial operational all winter long. 

Our snow removal team offers state of the art snow plow & snow removal concepts. This includes de-icing that will make sure the melted ice will not just turn back into ice when the temperature drops again. We work with every customer whether you are a residential driveway or a commercial lot. We define the exact scope of work before the season so nothing is missed when the snow arrives. Join many of your Buffalo, NY neighbors & businesses who are already taking advantage of our snow plow & snow removal services. 

Snow Removal
Buffalo, NY

All pricing listed are starting prices and are subject to change

house with plowed drive way in residential area after snow
Residential Driveway
Silbak Plowing & Landscaping has a reliable team of professional drivers that will make sure your driveway is clear for your car in the morning. 

Our residential driveway snow plowing is unmatched because we are committed to clearing your driveway anytime it snows 3” or more.
empty parking lot with snow removed
Commercial Lot
Silbak Plowing & Landscaping is the perfect company to keep your facility well maintained and safe during the winter months. 

Our entire team are responsive snow removal professionals that you can trust. We will gaurentee that anytime it snows 2” or more we will be there to plow your entire commercial lot.
Ground level closeup view of rock salt ice-melt on concrete with snow
We're your first line of defense against snow and ice. From sidewalks to parking lots, we'll make sure that you stay safe all winter long with our high-quality deicing services in Buffalo, NY! 

Our experienced team is well versed when it comes to applying salt after our snow removal service, for both commercial and residential properties alike. From routine maintenance visits during these cold months to emergency quick fixes by qualified staff members on-site - our salting services will help keep everyone happy this season!
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