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Published Date: December 29, 2021
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The biggest mistakes you didn't know you were making with flower bed maintenance Buffalo NY

Do you have a flower garden that isn’t flourishing? Not blooming to your expectations? Chances are there is something wrong with its maintenance (provided other necessary things are in place).

 No matter whether you are planting perennials, bulbs, spring flowers, shrubs, or trees, your plants require good conditions to thrive and enjoy their bountiful growth.

The catch is:

Every flower garden has some mistakes. But understanding the mistake and learning from it makes the difference.

Therefore, we have prepared this article to help you understand common flower bed maintenance Buffalo NY mistakes that you might be making without being aware of.

And the best part is, added to the mistakes, we have also attached the solutions to help you fix them the right way. 

Mistake 1: Not Checking The pH Levels Of The Flower Beds

The pH level of your soil is a crucial factor, especially during the growing season when heavy rainfall can wash off all the nutrients from the soil, leading to weak spring growth.

Checking the pH level and the mineral contents of the soil at least a few weeks prior to the growing season gives you the time to make amendments if required.

After that, check once again, before the planting season arrives and ensure that everything is ready to help your plants grow and thrive.


You can improve the soil for your flower bed maintenance Buffalo NY simply by turning over and raking the soil. This will help the soil loosen up, enabling the root to penetrate easily without getting hands dirty.

 Even if you don’t add fertilizers, manure, and compost to the soil, loosening it will ensure the soil is less compacted and dense. 

Mistake 2: Planting Plants in the Wrong Spot

No matter how much effort you put into making your soil fertile for the plants, if you plant your flowers randomly without any planning, your lawn care and flower bed maintenance will flop.

Also, the area should be exposed to enough sunlight to bloom and thrive to the optimum.


When planting flowers, adopt this old approach, “right plant, right place.” Always start with a plan. When purchasing plants, read their labels and descriptions to know what area they require to grow best.

 For the record, if the label reads full sun, it means 6+ hours of direct sunlight, part sun implies half the time. Full shade means the plant shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. 

Many times we misread or misjudge these labels and make mistakes, ruining the flower bed appeal.

Mistake 3: Showering The Plants With Water

This is one of the most common mistakes people make in flower bed maintenance Buffalo NY. Plants soak in the water through their root system, therefore spraying or pouring water over the plants won’t necessarily do any good.

 Spraying water on the top of plants doesn’t always allow the water to settle in the ground. Naturally, it fails to seep below the soil and doesn’t help the plants to drink it.


 Water the flowerbeds at the base. This will help the water reach the soil and maximize the amount of water each plant gets to drink. For better garden care and maintenance, water your plants early during the morning or in the twilight hours. This helps reduce evaporation.

Tip: Use a hose to water your plants because it will help you point the head towards the root of the plants. 

Mistake 4: Not Maintaining The Flower Beds

To grow a beautiful flower bed, you need to be hands-on with flower bed maintenance Buffalo NY. Your flowers require time, patience, and maintenance. Obviously, some flowers come with the label “low maintenance,” but low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance.


You must devote at least 10-20 minutes each day to garden care and maintenance – and you’ll be shocked to witness the difference it makes. Also, once the plants are well established, they don’t need much water, unlike the newly planted ones. 

Mistake 5: Watering Too Frequently or Infrequently

As you have already read, new, tiny plants require frequent watering and extra care compared to well-established flower beds. At the same time, you must not water your plants every day unless it’s 100 degrees Celsius outside and it’s mid-August.


 Keep an eye on the weather forecast news. Know about the rainfall, and then plan your watering sessions accordingly. 

Mistake 6: Not Mulching the Garden

Mulching mistakes can prove to be heavily detrimental to your garden. A good mulch helps keep the pesky weeds in check, helps the soil maintain moisture, and breaks it down to help fortify the soil.

But feeding your garden with excessive mulch can suffocate your plants and introduce diseases and pests to your flowerbed, leaving your plants dry and exposed.


If you want to protect your plant's roots, deter them from weeds, and help them hold moisture, a 3-inch organic mulch is good. To help plants insulate during the winter months, 6 inches layers of mulch will be even better. 

Mistake 7: Placing Plants Too Close To Each Other 

 No one likes to live in a place that's too crowded - and same goes with your plants. Whether it's shrubs, perennials, trees, or other plants, they grow better when they have proper circulation space around them with enough exposure to spread their branches and roots. Planting the plants in a way that squeezes them together in one place invites not only diseases. Also, it restricts the growth of your plants.


When buying seeds or plants, read the label and the tag to know the spacing intervals required for the specific plant. DO NOT take that leniently and go by the label rules.

Closing Thoughts on flower bed maintenance Buffalo NY

Most people don’t realize these mistakes until it’s too late. If your flower bed maintenance Buffalo NY routine was wrong, don’t feel guilty. Simply fix it!

 In case you are unable to take care of your flower beds and it is making your greens suffer – it’s time for change. Hire our local landscaping experts in Buffalo, and let certified lawn care specialists of Silbak Plowing and Landscaping, take care of your garden for you.

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