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Depew, NY Landscaping Services

Landscaping & lawn maintenance services for Depew, NY, are vital to keeping this small community thriving. So leave it to our team of professional landscapers to get your lawn care services done. Our equipment can handle small lawns and extensive yards, all at a reasonable price. So whether you need a landscaping project that will take a weekend to complete, or you want lawn mowing and bush trimming performed by skilled landscape contractors all summer long, we have your back.

Our lawn mowing team is efficient and fast, resulting in quicker mowing services, so we don't disrupt the time you spend outside on your new patio during the summer. If you're a residential homeowner in Depew, NY, and looking for patio pavers or lawn edging or a commercial business in need of landscape flower beds or tree planting to make your storefront look great, contact us today so we can start today. With years of experience serving the Western New York area as one of the top landscape contractors around, it's no wonder why so many people choose us when they need high-quality work done at an affordable price.

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Our Landscaping Work Beats Other Landscaping Companies

When you need a one-time landscaping project or ongoing lawn care service that lasts all year round, we can help. Our team of professional landscape designers at Silbak Plowing & Landscaping will create the perfect plan for your yard and budget. We believe in quality workmanship completed on time, so you won't have to worry about dealing with a company that doesn't have time to show up.

A Variety of Landscape Services for Your Yard

We take great pride in our services offered and strive to make sure your yard is the best looking on in the neighborhood with minimal effort from you - we get it, you're busy! We can handle all aspects of landscaping, from hardscaping to planting shrubs and flower beds. We can handle lawn care from grass mowing to bush trimming, tree removal to leaf blowing.

Entire Year Lawn Services in Depew, NY

Our team of landscapers offers year-round lawn care services, so you don't have to worry about getting things ready for the summer or making sure to protect all of your trees and plants for the winter. In addition, our landscapers can perform comprehensive work, so you won't have to hire multiple companies for all of your yard care needs.

Many landscaping companies fail to see the importance of preparing for the next season before it arrives. We are ready for all four seasons so our customers can enjoy their outdoor living spaces regardless of what Mother Nature throws at them. Properly aerating your lawn in the springtime will help promote healthy lawn growth throughout the summer. After that, it's essential to perform a thorough fall clean-up just before the snow falls will help you protect your existing lawn & make things easier next year when the snow melts.

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If you're looking for high-quality landscape contractors and lawn maintenance crews in the Depew area, then look no further than Silbak Plowing & Landscaping.

Landscaping Depew, NY Done Right

Even though our landscape team is all over western new york and the surrounding areas, we are extremely involved with the community in Depew, NY. Our landscaping team has worked on several projects in Depew, NY and our landscape professionals are proud to see all of the transformed businesses & residential homes.

Landscapers help improve the value of a home and make the entire community look amazing. We can help you with any landscaping project. So whether you need to trim trees & bushes, clean up the backyard, add retaining walls to your property, or increase your curb appeal, we can guarantee a great job at an affordable price.

Lawn Maintenance Is Vital For a Healthy Lawn

Proper lawn maintenance goes beyond mowing your Depew, NY grass. We are better than most landscape contractors because we do an excellent job with more than just basic lawn care. We can perform a variety of highly recommended lawn maintenance to ensure your lawn is healthy and beautiful.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Having healthy green grass is one of the first things people notice about your yard. We can help you achieve this with regular visits to trim and edge your lawn, fertilizing, aeration in the spring, and weed control all summer long.

Trees & Shrubs

Our landscaping includes helping you with tree trimming to remove dead limbs or overgrowth of branches near power lines, so your trees aren't at risk of falling during high winds or storms. We also offer trimming bushes & shrub pruning if there are bare spots on your lawn.

Retaining Walls

If your backyard slopes towards the house, then it's time to consider building a retaining wall in Depew, NY. building these walls are considered an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home while giving you more usable outdoor space for entertaining. Silbak Plowing & Landscaping can custom design and build any retaining wall that you need.


Another way to transform your outdoor living space is by performing more complex construction concepts like hardscaping. Building stone patios, walkways, and pathways provide a perfect location to relax for the summer. We can help you choose the right products for your backyard depending on how much traffic it will receive and what types of weather conditions these patios will have to endure.

Exceptional Landscape Contractors In Depew, NY

We have built a trusting relationship with businesses in Depew, NY, to give us the title of one of the best landscape contractors to maintain your property throughout the entire year. We provide a comprehensive range of landscaping services, but our team will do a great job with all aspects of lawn care.

Stone Mulch Bed Around Concrete Walkway Depew, NY

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality landscape services available for all of Depew, NY. We will work directly with businesses & homeowners to keep their gardens looking great throughout the seasons for many years to come. We have a full range of landscaping services & tips to help make your plants and patios look great.

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One of the Most Comprehensive Landscape Contractors for Depew, NY

We are proud to be one of the most trusted landscape contractors in Depew, NY. We have earned this title by providing homeowners & businesses with top-quality landscaping throughout western new york. Let us help you transform your property into a stunning outdoor space that people will notice when they drive or walk past it!

We take pride in knowing that we can handle even the trickiest landscaping jobs that most landscape contractors don't want to do. Our team knows what it takes to do a great job because we enjoy making every house in Depew, NY look the best it can. We hire the best landscape team who always puts extra effort into every aspect to ensure you're satisfied with our landscape business.

A Snow Removal Process for Your Driveway

Snow removal offered by our crew is considered some of the best in Depew, NY. Every year we perform regular visits to remove all types of accumulated snow & ice from your driveway that could cause damage to your property or become a safety hazard for you and your family. We can clear away any accumulation, whether it's heavy wet snow sitting on top of your roof or compact ice that has frozen near your front door.

We hope to hear you are interested in wanting to hire our team to get the job done right! Call us today to discuss what your yard needs!

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