Landscaping Tonawanda, NY

Service Area

The City of Tonawanda is located near the Niagara River which makes it an ideal spot for our landscaping services. It is between both Buffalo & Niagara Falls making it very easy for our team to account for your lawn maintenance as well. There are plenty of parks & outdoor activities to participate in while you're exploring the town so why not make your yard look as well as their parks do. Silbak Plowing & Landscaping has team members that are extremely familiar with the area and know exactly which landscaping projects would fit best in your Tonawanda neighborhood. We also have a lot of past work that was done here so if you see lawns that are maintained well or a spectacular landscaping project that involves paver patios or curb edging there is a chance that we are responsible.

Landscaper in the park removes autumn leaves with a blower
Working in the Park removing autumn leaves with a leaf blower
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